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All the new students must register their courses in the prescribed Registration Form at the time of admission.

Existing students must register their courses of the new semester before the classes of the new semester start on payment of their semester tuition and other fees or their parts as determined by the university administration. Students should consult the Faculty in Charge/Chairman of the Department/Program Director (in case of MBA, EMBA & MBM Programs) in planning their course schedule and should follow the rules and procedures related to registration for courses.

Late Registration:

A student who seeks to register after the first day of classes must obtain permission from the office of the university. Those students who are given permission to register late may have to pay a late registration fee.

Course Offerings:

All courses at BUBT follow a logical sequence. At the very outset, students are encouraged to take foundation courses. Next comes the core courses. Here the students are exposed to the various aspects of their discipline from the basics to the manageable details. Having completed the core courses, students meet the requirements for enrolling into the concentration or major courses which prepare the students for career in the chosen area of specialization. Finally, a student has to complete the required Internship assignment to gain practical work experience.

Course Load:

Twelve credits without laboratory credits, if any, (that is, 4 courses per semester) are the normal course load according to BUBT standard. However, a student can enroll for more or a smaller number of courses with necessary permission.

Course Sequence:

A student must pass all prerequisite courses (foundation, support and core courses) in order to register into higher-level (major/concentration) courses required for the preferred degree. All course sequences must be maintained including English Language requirements for the undergraduate programs. A student must fulfill English Language requirements by the fourth semester after admission.

Policy for Semester Promotion:

  • For 'F' grade holder the course must be repeated within the next 3 consecutive semesters but pre-requisite course/s should be repeated on priority basis. Scorer of 'F' grade shall have to pay full fee for the retake course/courses.
  • For improvement of grade in any course, the incumbent student may be allowed to repeat for improvement in that course. However, if any student wishes to take this privilege, he/she has to submit an application through proper channel at least within 2 weeks after publication of result of a particular semester.
  •  The improved grade will be computed in the final transcript and the previous grade/s (i.e. 'F' or any other grade of the improver) will be marked with 'R' grade (as retake of the course) which has no effect on GPA or CGPA. For improvement of grade, the student has to register the course as usual by paying the half tuition fee (i.e. credit hour basis).

Repeating Courses:

Students may repeat courses in order to improve their grades. They must register for and complete the course/courses to accomplish the repeat and 50% of the tuition fees has to be paid for the course/courses repeated. However, a student who receives "F" grade in any course must repeat that course and obtain a minimum of "D" grade in order to meet degree requirements. Both the original and the repeat grades are recorded in the transcript, but CGPA is calculated on the basis of the better of the two grades. A course can be repeated once only.

Retake / Repeat Fees:

Students scoring 'F' grade in any course shall have to pay full tuition fees for repeating the course. Students with grade lower than "A" in any course may retake the course to improve their grades and shall have to pay half of the tuition fees for the course/courses.

Withdrawal from a Course:

A student may withdraw from a course within 15 days from the date of starting the semester. Permission from the appropriate authority must be obtained for withdrawal.

Withdrawal from the Semester:

A student getting himself admitted in the 1st semester (new student) may withdraw his/her registration by a written application before the commencement of the classes. The students of other semesters may also withdraw their registration within 15 days of the commencement of the classes by a written application. The students not attending classes and/ or examinations of a semester without withdrawal within the time limit will be required to pay all semester fees and accept the grade 'F' in all examinations of the semester.


After the withdrawal period a student must apply for re-entry into the university and must complete the requirements for the degree in force at the time of the re-entry.


Students have to undertake a semester-long research under the supervision of a faculty and earn a minimum of C grade for graduation where such research is a requirement for the degree.

Internship Requirement:

Students registering for internship should preferably have completed all course work. Students may not be registered for any course during internship. For purposes of fulfilling degree requirements, students should be interned in organizations ideally for twelve weeks, allowing two to four weeks for writing reports, etc. The students must earn at least a C grade in the internship project.



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